About Us

“Talent without work and direction is simply Potential”

Thus, it is the mission of PACE Soccer Academy to provide dedicated and comprehensive instruction to elite players in order that they may hone: physical , technical, tactical, and emotional aspect of their game.

The mission as stated will be accomplished by:

  • Quality comprehensive instruction for not only “on the field” responsibilities, but off the field as well: promoting “Athletic Lifestyle”
  • Splitting off season into 2 Programs
    • technical skills, strength training
    • team play: positional responsibilities, technical skills, and conditioning in preparation for the upcoming season
  • Maintaining workable Coach/player ratio. (Group Size: 1-18 … yes the group may just consist of single player.. Quality vs. Quantity)
  • Challenge players to high expectation
  • Professional atmosphere
  • Competition, Intensity, focus is promoted
  • Provide atmosphere that is conducive to laying out the pathway to one’s goal.

Result: confident, skilled, trained player!

‘pursuit of excellence’

Our Coaches

Head Coach

Harj Nandhra

Harj Nandhra Education: B.A. Psychology (sports); B.A. Sociology. Soccer: Provincial B Certified. Over 40 years in the sport, over 20 years in Coaching, continuing studies of Soccer. Related: University level Field Hockey player/coach, Martial Arts, strength and conditioning. ‘pursuit of … Continue reading

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